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    Results, Trust, Innovation, and Customer Satisfaction…

    At S-Cube we want to be proud of our products, and are excited of what we do. Our strength is based on our professionals who have almost 10 years of experience in software and product development. Our mission is to apply all capabilities, energy, devotion in order to completely satisfy
    our customers.

    We put the accent on hiring talented collaborators, who will work on state-of-the-art techniques coming from our continuous research. However, at S-Cube, careers are indeed managed (and largely rewarded) by the merit and work of collaborators. Your professionalism and our rigorous methods and milestones will be combined to achieve the best.

    Working conditions
    From challenging projects to a stimulating work environment located in Software Park, S-Cube employees enjoy king-sized desks, up-to-date computers, and LCD screens, all in a grade-A building with a 24/7 access and security.

    Based on our benchmark, salaries and benefits are among the best of the Thai software industry.
    We also provide social benefit.